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Title Authors Title of Journal Year
Patterns and drivers of soil carbon stock in southern China’s grasslands  2019
Comparative profiling of roots small RNA expression and corresponding gene ontology and pathway analyses for low- and high-cadmium–accumulating genotypes of wheat in response to cadmium stress  2019
Metabolic switch in energy metabolism mediates the sublethal effects induced by glyphosate-based herbicide on tadpoles of a farmland frog Microhyla fissipes  2019
The role of endogenous and exogenous hydrogen in the microbiology of biogas production systems  2020
Characterization of Camptotheca acuminata 10-hydroxygeraniol oxidoreductase and iridoid synthase and their application in biological preparation of nepetalactol in Escherichia coli featuring NADP+ - NADPH cofactors recycling  2020
Remarkable metabolic reorganization and altered metabolic requirements in frog metamorphic climax  2020
Taxonomic Revision of Raorchestes menglaensis (Kou, 1990) (Amphibia: Anura), with Descriptions of Two New Species from Yunnan, China  2020
The complete mitochondrial genome of Batrachuperus sp. 2 (Caudata: Hynobiidae)  2020
Reconsidering the efficiency of grazing exclusion using fences on the Tibetan Plateau  2021
16S rRNA genes- and metagenome-based confirmation of syntrophic butyrateoxidizing methanogenesis enriched in high butyrate loading  2021
Hierarchical porous carbon derived from green cyclodextrin metal-organic framework and its application in microwave absorption  2021
A polysaccharide TKP-2-1 from Tamarindus indica L: Purification, structural characterization and immunomodulating activity  2021
Development of an eDNA metabarcoding tool for surveying the world's largest amphibian  2021
Impact of low temperature on ex situ nitritation/in situ denitritation in field pilot-scale landfill for postclosure care of leachate treatment and gas content  2021
The driving forces behind female-female aggression and its fitness  2019
Opposite patterns of soil organic and inorganic carbon along a climate gradient in the alpine steppe of northern Tibetan Plateau  2019
Development and characterization of microsatellite markers for the ornamented pygmy frog Microhyla fissipes and their transferability in Microhyla  2019
Risk assessment for and microbial community changes in Farmland soilcontaminated with heavy metals and metalloids  2019
Campylotropis albopubescens stat. nov. (Leguminosae Papilionoideae Desmodieae) the only species in the genus reproduced via rootstocks  2020