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  Biodiversity and Ecosystem function: 

  1. Functional insect diversity and relevant mechanisms of community assembly 

  2. Multi-trophic interaction networks (insects) 

  3. Species coexistence mechanisms
Yongheng GaoProfessor

Grassland Ecology, Carbon and nitrogen cycles in terrestrial ecosystems
Youhua Chen 


  Biodiversity statistics and conservation
Zhiying Yanprofessor

  Biological control of malodor pollution and development of deodorant bacteria & Biomass waste bioconversion process mechanism and research and development of biological organic fertilizer and biological bacterial fertilizer?& Efficient conversion and high-value utilization of biomass biogas
Bang-Jing LiProfNatural Polymer, Polymer Self-assembly,
Jingfeng ChenAssociate Investigator

  Eco-immunology and animal energetics