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ZHAO Hai Research Group

ZHAO Hai Research Group

Update time: 08/31/2009

1. Research Experience

Professor Zhao Hai is the chief bioenergy scientist in Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Science, the director member of Chinese Technology Development Center of Biomass, the member of Chinese Renewable Energy Society and the expert of the State High Technology Development Plan.

From1990 to 1995, his mainly research were focused on production ethanol and methane from lignocellulosic biomass by anaerobic fermentation technology.

From 1996 to 2002, he studied on valuable secondary metabolite bioconversion and successful developed a bioconversion  technology to manufacture a Chinese medicine for cholesterols lowering.

From 2002 to 2003, as cooperation research scientist, he worked on bioconversion process by fungus in Application Technologies Institute of Toulouse, INRA .France.

From 2003, he focused on fuel ethanol production from sweet potato, since China is the biggest producer of sweet potato in the world (85.9 % of the world total). Research area of his team included fresh sweet potato storage technology, sweet potato fast ethanol fermentation technology, VHG ethanol fermentation technology and comprehensive utilize technology of sweet potato .He already get some achievement on fast fermentation and VHG fermentation to produce fuel ethanol by sweet potato, and applied 3 patents. This technologic achievement will improve the fuel ethanol technology level by increasing net energy outcome and lowering the manufacture cost in fuel production process with sweet potato. He has authored more than 40 papers, made more than 20 presentations.


2. Patent/Useful Solution

1) A method for preservation of industrial sweet potato.

Invention patent : CN200610021316.4

2) A method for very high gravity ethanol fermentation.

 Invention patent : CN200610022209.3.

3) A method for rapid ethanol fermentation.

Invention patent : CN200710049077.8.

4) Rapid production of very high gravity ethanol from fresh sweetpotato

Invention patent : CN200910059369.9.


3. International exchanges and cooperation

This team has established technical cooperation relationship with Copenhagen Institute of Technology, Aalborg University, Denmark, German Bio and Renewable Association, North Carolina State University, America, Petrovietnam and Food Industries Research Institute, Vietnam.