The book Tracing One Hundred Years of Change published by CIB

Update time: 05/25/2010


The book Tracing One Hundred Years of Change: Illustrating the Environmental Changes in Western China by CIB(Chengdu Institute of Biology) Prof. Yin Kaipu is published recently, featuring landscape photography by Ernest Henry Wilson.Tracing One Hundred Years of Change: Illustrating the Environmental Changes in Western China

CIB Prof. Yin Kaipu traces former Arnold Arboretum plant explorer Ernest Henry Wilson's journeys through China. This lavishly illustrated new book compares Wilson's landscape photography from the early twentieth century with the present-day Chinese landscape.

"Hundred Years search: witness the environmental changes in western China" to connect through the 250 years of time and space group comparison of old and new photos to show the true image of the founding of new China in Western China in the 60th anniversary of the 30th anniversary of reform and opening up and developing the western region have taken place since the 10th anniversary of tremendous changes, giving a spiritual shock, inspire and reflection.

The book advocates the contemporary community should sustainable use of resources, promotion of human should be more respect and reverence for nature, hope that our common garden care in western China the home of the world.

In this book,  startling evidence of climate change, deforestation, reforestation, and cultural preservation (or lack thereof) are described.

Some sites originally captured by Wilson have only slightly changed over the last century, while others have been radically transformed or even destroyed by population and industry.

Prof. Yin has not only researched the locations where Wilson’s photographs were taken but has tracked down descendents of some of the people depicted in them.