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The Wang Laboratory in Chengdu Institute of Biology, CAS

Update time: 11/15/2012

General Research Interest:
Our laboratory studies the biosynthesis of nonribosomal protein by multi-enzyme complexes and the mechanism of multicopper oxidases(MCOs).

Biosynthesis of Nonribosomal Protein
The nonribosomal protein is synthesized by nonribosomal protein synthetases (NRPSs), which incorporate monomeric unit into the polypeptide chain and produce functional proteins. We are particularly interested in developing mechanistic models that explain how macromolecular machines select the specific amino acids for the protein in the specific size. This research requires contributions from many disciplines, including, biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology, structural biology and synthetic biology. Although our principal efforts involve connecting molecular structure/function relationships to biology, we have a long-standing interest in extending our research discoveries into applied biotechnological areas. For example, the manipulation of this biosynthetic machinery will lead to develop new chemoenzymatic approaches for synthesizing novel protein agents with increased potency.

Mechanism of Multicopper Oxidases(MCOs)
Multicopper oxidases(MCOs) are a group of enzymes that are able to couple the oxidation of a variety of different substrates concomitantly with dioxygen reduction to water. These enzymes have been show to have diverse biotechnological applications, however, neither the electron transfer mechanism nor the oxygen reduction to water is fully understood. Our goal is to establish the chemical and structural principles by which the multicopper oxidases functions on various substrates. Information gained will be used for protein engineering on these enzymes. 

Group Member :



Ganggang Wang, Ph, D.
Phone: 86-28-82890501 



Jumei Zeng, Ph, D.
Research Associate
Phone: 86-28-82890501 


Zhongchuan Liu, Ph, D.
Research Associate
Phone: 86-28-82890501 



Tian Xie, Master
Ph. D student
Phone: 86-28-82890501



Yun Jin, Bachelor
Master Student
Phone: 86-28-82890501



Qian Liu, Bachelor
Phone: 86-28-82890501


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Position Available:

Postdoctoral Positions
Postdoctoral positions are available in the laboratory of Dr. Ganggang Wang at Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Science(CAS). Our lab studies the structural principles of nonribosomal protein synthesis. The structural information obtained will be used to design novel proteins with specific activity.
The positions will be fully funded by Chengdu Institute of Biology in accordance with CAS guidelines. We are looking for candidates who have a strong background in molecular biology and protein biochemistry. Experience in protein crystallography would be a plus.
Please send a CV, a one-page research experience summary, and contact information of three references to:

Graduate Positions
Our graduate program provides full tuition and stipend support for the length of your stay in a research lab. The graduate program has course requirements that applicants will have to satisfy during their first year. Graduate Student Awards are sponsored by Chengdu Institute of Biology and Chinese Academy of Sciences. Other funding options are also available upon applications and nominations.