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Complex Permittivity Measurement of High-Loss Biological Material with Improved Cavity Perturbation Method in the Range of 26.5-40 GHz

Update time: 01/19/2021
 In this paper, we performed and designed a new rectangular cavity to identify and analyze the complex permittivity of two cancer cells (Breast-MDA231, Uveal melanoma) that have a high dielectric constant and dielectric loss. The rectangular cavity device is based on the improved cavity perturbation technology. The sample of the improved cavity perturbation device is placed at the position of a/n close to the wall of the cavity, where a is the wide side of the cavity and n is the positive even number. For high-loss biological materials, the improved cavity perturbation method has higher accuracy than the traditional cavity perturbation method. The results present that the relative dielectric constants of a single cell at Ka-band (26.5-40 GHz) are in the range 8-15, and the relative dielectric loss is 24-31. The information of the cancer cells at Ka-band waves can be helpful for further cancer detection and clinical treatment.