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Rapid quantification of aloinA and B in aloe plants and aloe-containing beverages, and pharmaceutical preparations by microchip capillary electrophoresis with laser induced fluorescence detection.

Update time: 09/30/2018
A microchip capillary electrophoresis coupled with laser induced fluorescence detection method for the fast determination of aloin was developed and comprehensively applied for the quantification of aloinA and B present in seven aloe plant species, 42 aloin-containing crude drugs, ten aloe pharmaceutical preparations, and four aloe gel-containing functional foods. The excitation and emission wavelengths for detection of both aloins were set at 473 and 520nm, respectively. Sample analysis on a 35mm length of glass microchip channel was completed within 40 s. An interference study indicated that the other main anthraquinones present in the samples did not interrupt with the target aloins detection, demonstrating the good selectivity of this method. It is demonstrated that this method is fast, facile, and specific for determination of aloinA and B from matrix samples which can be applied to the quality control of a wide varieties of aloe species and aloe-derived products.

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