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Construction and functional analysis of a whole-cell biocatalyst based on CYP108N7

Update time: 10/10/2017

Cytochrome P450 enzymes are versatile biocatalysts with great potential in biotechnology. A new bacterial P450 was identified from the genome of Rhodococcus wratislaviensis NBRC 100605 and annotated as CYP108N7. The enzyme accepted the ferredoxin and ferredoxin reductase from spinach as surrogate redox partners for improved electron transfer efficiency. It was heterologous expressed in Escherichia coli together with the redox partners and a glucose dehydrogenase which supplied the reduced cofactor NADPH. The resulting whole-cell biocatalyst catalyzed a variety of reactions including sulfoxidation, epoxidation, hydroxylation, demethylation and dehalogenation. Remarkable stereoselectivity was observed in asymmetric sulfoxidation reaction, which could deliver chiral sulfoxides with > 99% ee from thioanisole and derivatives.