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Thesis Defense Meeting for Doctor Candidate held in Herpetological Department

Update time: 12/06/2010
 On November the 30th, 2010, the thesis defense meeting for doctor candidate Yin Qi, from Herpetological Department, was held at the meeting room in Herpetological Department building. Prof. Bisong Yue and Zhaobin Song from Sichuan University, Prof. Shaoying Liu from Sichuan Academy of Forestry, Frof. Feng Xie and Jianping Jiang from Chengdu Institute of Biology were invited as committees. Students from Herpetological Department and Ecological Center also took parted in the meeting. 

Yin Qi represented his research titled “Toward the territorial, home range and dispersal behaviors of Qinghai toad-headed lizard Phrynocephalus vlangalii and plateau brown frog Rana kukunoris ” carried out in past 5 years, and answered questions one-by-one from the committees’ comments. His study provided some basic knowledge for the behavioral study of those two high elevation wetland herpetological species. All of the five committees reached an agreement that Yin Qi was in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the doctor’s degree after tow hours’ defense and discussion,